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I’m a full time mum to 3 amazing children and a former Primary Teacher with a passion for helping children reach their full potential.

I have created ParenTeach for parents who want to support their children’s education at home.

ParenTeach is a platform where I can share all my teaching knowledge with you and support you in your parenting journey.

So please have a look around and if you have any questions feel free to email me.

Liz x

Snow Day Activities.

This morning we woke up to snow. Granted it wasn’t inches and inches but it was enough to get that dreaded, (or not) depending on how much you love spending time with your kids, text from school saying it was closed due to the bad weather conditions. I found myself thinking that aside from the given, making snowmen, snow angels and throwing snowballs which would inevitably last half hour, the kids would soon get bored, and cold and I’d be left with a full day to keep them occupied.

Get your child reading with 3 of the best read at home books.

I always think that one of the hardest things for a parent to do is teach their child to read. Faced with phonemes, various schemes, countless books and endless choices. Which is the right one?

How do I teach my child to read?

In order for our children to learn to read they first have to use their ears! This may sound crazy but go with me and by the end you’ll understand what I mean. Early reading skills start with listening. Children need to hear sounds and how they go together to...

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Simple and easy to follow videos. Aimed at both parents and children. Choose a subject and find a video related to what your child is learning.

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Downloadable resources which will help you to support your child in many areas of the Curriculum.


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