Who am I?

Hi, I’m Liz,

Primary School Teacher and Mummy of three!! In May 2016 I set up ParenTeach to offer educational support to parents.

Let me take you back for a sec. Three years ago I had my third child, a little boy, ­čśâ after two girls we were very excited to have a little boy and still are. He’s a cheeky Chappy and he keeps us on our toes! Luckily for us we were blessed with two girls so I also get to do all the fun girly stuff and that includes lots of arts and crafts, which I love! I’m excited to share my favourite ones with you on this website!!

So back to my story! After my son turned one I returned to work but after sixth months of working I decided that taking care of my family and trying to earn a living as a teacher was just not working for us. So I made the very difficult decision to leave the school and job I loved to stay at home and look after my family! I stayed in education by doing supply teaching, which was great because I still got to do the job I love but it gave me the flexibility I needed.

During this time I got thinking about an idea I had when my little boy was born…my friends often come to me when they have a question about school…I realised that if my friends have these questions then maybe other Mummies and Daddies do too. So that’s when I decided I should do something about it! So I created ParenTeach!

We all want the best for our children and I want to help as many parents as I can gain the tools to make this happen.

Think of your child’s education like a triangle. With your child at the top and the parents and teacher making up the other two points.┬áTogether we can grow young minds.

I’m so glad you’re here,