Fun ways to practise spelling words at home.



Make learning spellings fun with these creative ways!

  • Practise spelling words using a whiteboard and whiteboard pen.
  • Fill a tray with sand/glitter/sugar/icing sugar and have fun writing spellings with your fingers.
  • Make a wordsearch and hide the spellings inside. Get your friend or sibling to find your hidden spellings. If two or more children are learning spellings they could make their own wordsearch and give it to each other to complete.
  • Rainbow write spelling words by writing each letter of the word, or each word, in a different colour. This can be a lot of fun and also helps the visual memory.
  • Type spellings words on a computer. This one is a favourite with my children. Be sure to turn spellcheck off though or auto correct will kick in!!
  • Draw a picture to represent each spelling or draw pictures around/within some of the letters. This visual representation can help children to remember letters which they often leave out.
  • Call out each letter of the spelling word. This is a quick, easy way to practise spellings even when you are out and about. It also encourages children to see the letters form visually in their mind because they have to really think about what the word looks like. This is especially hard when the spelling words are longer, which makes it a really great way to practise.
  • Use water pens/paintbrush dipped in water to write the spellings on a chalk board, water mat or outside on the patio/pavement. When the water dries write them all over again!
  • Write words with chalk on a blackboard/or use jumbo chalk on the patio or pavement outside.
 The words can be written by the child or an adaption of this is where the parent writes the spellings using the chalk and the child draws over the words using a ‘water pen’ or paint brush dipped in water. The process can then be repeated or the child can then write over the spellings again in chalk!! Endless possibilities with this one!
  • Put shaving foam and food colouring in a zip lock bag and practise spelling words without any mess! You could also use paint.
  • Use magnetic letters and a magnetic surface to practise spelling the words. Here the child could play teacher and the parent can make the spellings with the magnetic letters. Kids love playing schools and they love correcting you when you ‘get it wrong’. Make lots of mistakes for them to correct. They are practising their spellings without even realising it!
The most important thing to remember when practising spelling words is repetition. The more your child practises the easier it will become for them to remember.

Get creative and have fun!